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About Us

Vrch Studio 未亓工作室是一个由建筑师、设计师、艺术家、及 AI 工程师组建的跨界设计与研发团队,致力于应用算法构建穿越虚实的空间体验。
工作室由建筑背景数字艺术家谢明炫在伦敦创立,并由陆奇博士创办的奇绩创坛投资孵化。核心联创包含来自 Zaha Hadid、UNStudio 的参数化设计建筑师及英国资深 AI 工程师。团队作品《心流空间》曾受邀参展了2022年深港双年展,成员过往作品参展过伦敦建筑节、耶路撒冷设计周、伦敦设计节等国际主要设计展览。

Vrch Studio is an interdisciplinary design + tech collective founded by a group of architects, digital artists, AI engineers, and UX designers to build algorithm-driven spatial experiences crossing the real and the virtual.
The studio was founded by architect-turned-digital-artist Mingxuan Xie in London, and incubated with investment from MiraclePlus (formerly YC China). Cofounders include parametric design architects from Zaha Hadid and UNStudio, along with an experienced AI engineer from the UK. The studio's work "Space of Flows" was exhibited in the 2022 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale (UABB). Studio members have previously showcased their works in major international design exhibitions such as the London Architecture Festival, Jerusalem Design Week, and London Design Festival.

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